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2014-04-17: Drummer Daniel Liljekvist leaves Katatonia
Dear friends and fans, I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of months and I’ve come to the sad conclusion that i have to leave the band. It’s got nothing to do with ’difference in views´or any other bullshit. I j

2014-04-16: The Who Launching World Tour This Year and 'Hoping' for New Album
The legendary band turns 50 this year and will start playing live around Christmas. Pete Townshend talks hitting the road again ("I'm in good shape"), possible new music and getting older. The Who will embark on a tour late t

2014-04-16: Anderson: Jethro Tull is history
Mainman likes the idea of leaving band's catalogue as a legacy - and underlines his regret over having to use the name in the first place. Ian Anderson has described his work as Jethro Tull as "historical" and said he's quite

2014-04-13: Grapes Under Pressure Wine Event for 2 with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of RUSH in Toronto
Spend an entire day with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of the Canadian rock band RUSH and have a wonderful wine experience! You and a guest will travel with Lee and Lifeson on a private train to the Niagara winery region outside

2014-04-12: Notes From the Edge: Cruise To The Edge reviews
The following is from Notes From the Edge Cruise Correspondent Laurie Chase--thanks to Laurie for taking the time to capture the details about the cruise for those of us who cannot be there.

2014-04-12: Tony Levin Cruise To The Edge diary #2
You know, it's such a sunny, colorful experience being on this cruise... I'm tempted to leave out my usual darker view of things....but I just can't do it! Here's just one... a shot of the ship, docked here in Cozumel.

2014-04-11: Gabriel's message to future artists
He uses Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame platform to say "They may laugh at you - but just do it" Peter Gabriel last night used his induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to send an inspirational message to the next generati

2014-04-10: FISH releases video for "Blind to the Beautiful"
Video of the upcoming Fish single, Blind to the Beautiful. Available for download 28th April from online stores.

2014-04-09: Tony Levin Cruise To The Edge diary #1
WELCOME... to the Cruise to the Edge. For us in Stick Men, this has come right after our last show with The Crimson ProjeKCt, in Riga, Latvia. We flew from Riga via Frankfurt to Madrid, spent overnight in an airport hotel in

2014-04-03: Steve Hogarth (Marillion) announces "The Invisible Man" diaries 1991-1997
Greetings from The Invisible Man. As you know I am releasing a book of my diaries and I am pleased to say that the FIRST volume 1991-1997 (due for release June 21) is available for pre-sale from today! The publishers and I ha

2014-04-02: Veteran rockers Yes bring classic albums in entirety to Borgata
Progressive rock band Yes has come up with a practical way to capture its album-oriented concepts in concert: Play entire albums live. The veteran British band, for its performance 8 p.m. Friday, April 4, at Borgata Hotel, Ca

2014-04-01: Mike Oldfield Rocks Out on Echoes
On the heels of his international acclaim at the 2012 Summer Olympic opening ceremony in London and the 40th anniversary of his signature work, Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield takes a hard right into 70s era album rock. His late

2014-04-01: Moog Spent Three Years Building a $90,000 Copy of Keith Emerson's Synth
Keith Emerson's massive modular synthesizer was the centerpiece of his persona as the virtuoso keyboard player in progressive rock super group Emerson, Lake, & Palmer. The custom rig was his throne. Moog just spent three year

2014-04-01: Jon Davison (YES) Interview on ProgReport
Jon Davison, YES vocalist, talks about the upcoming YES Summer Tour, recording the new album Heaven and Earth all over the world, and how he got the job without an audition.

2014-03-31: Mark McGuire Talks Music & Metaphysics on Echoes
Every time I put on Mark McGuire’s Along the Way I feel like I’m taking a trip into the future via my past. Elements of the 70s progressive rock music I love from Popol Vuh, Ash Ra Tempel, Mike Oldfield and Jade Warrior emer

2014-03-29: Uriah Heep name album no24
Uriah Heep have revealed their 24th album will be called Outsider, and it’s set for release in June via Frontiers Records. It’s their first studio outing since the death of bassist Trevor Bolder last year after a battle again

2014-03-27: Article on ARCH in the Boston Herald
Allston Rock City Hall plans to host music, art — even private events. Allston is the Hub’s epicenter of dirty, dive-y, glorious rock ’n’ roll. Clubs Great Scott, Brighton Music Hall and O’Brien’s dominate the scene. So why d

2014-03-27: Not Fade Away: Rush’s Simple, Straight-Ahead Debut Turns 40
In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of some of the greatest albums of the past few decades – some iconic, some lesser known – as they celebrate significant anniversaries. Here, we look back at Rush‘s 1974 debut alb

2014-03-27: Marillion announce temporary replacement drummer for Cruise To The Edge
We are back in the studio making final rehearsals for Cruise To The Edge. We regret to announce Ian Mosley will not be able to cross the pond with us for the Cruise To The Edge due to a routine medical procedure that will req

2014-03-26: Expanded Pink Floyd - Syd Barrett documentary coming on DVD
“The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story,” an expanded version of a previously available documentary, will be released on two DVDs and digital video on May 20, Eagle Rock Entertainment announced March 26. Originally made in 2001,

2014-03-25: Delicious Agony RPWL Interview and Premiere on March 26th
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio (http://www.deliciousagony.com) is very proud to feature the amazing new album by RPWL, entitled Wanted on March 26th at 10 AM EST. During the show, we will also be broadcasting an inter

2014-03-25: Swedish Cellist and Singer-Songwriter Linnea Olsson talks about her debut album on Echoes Tonight
Linnea Olsson has played progressive rock with Isidurs Bane, backed folk singer Ane Brun and is currently touring with Peter Gabriel. She’s from Sweden, but influences on Linnea Olsson’s debut album include The Blues Brother

2014-03-24: Yes announce 2014 summer tour and new album
Prog-rock legends Yes have just announced a 35-date U.S. summer tour. For their 2014 dates, Yes will perform 1971's Fragile in its entirety as well as every track from 1972's Close To The Edge, followed by an encore of the ba

2014-03-23: Kate Bush comeback concerts
Singer Kate Bush is coming back to the London stage after a 35-year break in performing. The surprise move came Friday when she announced she will play 15 concerts at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. The ‘‘Before the Dawn’’

2014-03-22: Boston Globe Music Pick: Gary Numan at the Paradise
He blazed a trail in electronic and industrial music — notably with 1979’s “The Pleasure Principle,” which spawned the hit “Cars” — long before those genres came into vogue. Now he is touring behind last year’s “Splinter (Son

2014-03-21: It Was Beautiful Music – Yes Talk Turns 20
Dealing with constant lineup changes in the band has always been a fact of life for Yes fans, and the late 80s and early 90s were a particularly tumultuous time, with various Yes vets splintering into factions and taking

2014-03-20: Rush Plotting 41st Anniversary Tour for 2015
Rush wrapped up their worldwide Clockwork Angels tour just seven months ago, but they're already planning a lengthy "41st anniversary" tour for 2015, according to guitarist Alex Lifeson. "The three of us just had a meeting,"

2014-03-20: Gary Numan’s top five most influential synthesizers
English electro-pop revolutionary Gary Numan — whose pioneering blend of punk and electronic has informed the styles of artists as varied as Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, and Marilyn Manson — has re-emerged with a dark, appropria

2014-03-19: Opeth 25th Anniversary Book - Fan Request
To celebrate their 25th anniversary Opeth have teamed up with book publisher Rocket 88 to work on the official Opeth book. In this amazing book the band will tell you their full story for the first time - the good, the bad, t

2014-03-19: Anchors Away! Cruise To The Edge & More
On The Blue’s Larry Morand talks with Pollstar about three of his company’s upcoming shipboard music adventures –“Monsters Of Rock Cruise,” “The Moody Blues Cruise” and Yes’ “Cruise To The Edge.”Think you have a cool job? Ho

2014-03-19: AAJ Review: John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension: The Boston Record (2014)
Ever since guitarist John McLaughlin formed the 4th Dimension—his first electric fusion band in a decade—fans have been hoping he'd dig a little further into his back catalog. The wait is over with The Boston Record, a live a

2014-03-17: Yes' Alan White talks three-album tour
It sure feels like the ‘70s all over again as British prog-rock band Yes hit the road in Canada this week for a tour that sees them performing three classic albums in concert from beginning to end. Drummer Alan White, 64, say

2014-03-14: Renaissance re-release Grandine il Vento as Symphony of Light
Renaissance have secured a distribution deal with Red River Entertainment, which now allows the new music of Renaissance to be heard worldwide. Grandine il Vento has been re-named Symphony of Light with three additional bonu

2014-03-14: Benoit David Leaves Mystery as Band Announce New Lead Vocalist
We liked Benoit David’s work in Mystery and we feel he handled his role in the difficult position of fronting the progressive classic rock legend outfit YES with class and determination. So, we’re a bit sad to read of his dep

2014-03-14: ‘It’s been a very difficult time’: Peter Gabriel discusses the depression that gripped Genesis bandmate Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel says the idea of getting back together with Genesis isn’t out of the question. He’s simply found the enormity of doing such a thing, some 40 years later, a bit daunting. “I was looking seriously at a reunion for

2014-03-12: FUGAZI 30th ANNIVERSARY
Fugazi was our "difficult second album". EMI expected us to produce a follow-up to Script within a year even though we were touring and promoting Script for a large portion of 1983 and were also looking for a drummer after th

2014-03-12: Yes: ‘No Epics’ on New Album
For some fans, no Yes album is truly complete until it’s managed to fit in a lengthy musical epic or two. But on the band’s next LP, it sounds like they’ll be keeping things (relatively) brief. Drummer Alan White shed a littl

2014-03-12: Sci-Fi Echoes: 10 Great Sci-Fi CDs
Science Fiction Music Through the Ages, it’s a trip into the world of science fiction. Sci-Fi literature and movies have always had an impact on a certain breed of musicians, usually the ones who were a bit tripped out and c

2014-03-11: Jon Anderson Starts New Band with Violinist Jean-Luc Ponty
While he continues his six-year (and counting) journey to complete the upcoming sequel to his 1976 debut album, former Yes vocalist Jon Anderson is already on to his next project: A new band with violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. “Yo

2014-03-09: 3RDegree to replace Shadow Circus at Quebec Terra Incognita Progressive Rock Festival
Shadow Circus devant faire face à des problèmes internes, le groupe américain a dû malheureusement annuler sa participation à la 10ème édition de Terra Incognita. Mais la soirée de samedi sera tout de même une soirée de «pr

2014-03-07: IQ release promo for upcoming new album "The Road of Bones"
We are pleased and excited to announce that the brand new IQ album due to be released in May 2014 is to be titled 'The Road Of Bones'. The band are in the studio putting the finishing touches to the album and as such, the ful

2014-03-05: Tom Woods video interview with Steve Hogarth of Marillion
Steve Hogarth talks about the work he's proudest of, how Marillion fans' devotion made them Internet pioneers, whether the popularity of forgettable music bothers him, and what's next for Marillion.

2014-03-04: ELP – Emerson, Lake And Petty?
Emerson, Lake And Palmer drummer Carl Palmer has admitted he thought bandmates Keith Emerson and Greg Lake had been “petty” when they replaced him with Cozy Powell in 1986. Palmer says he’d been ready to get involved when ELP

2014-03-03: Mark McGuire Creates 21st Century Progressive Rock Opus for Echoes CD of the Month
Old fans of progressive rock and space music might be forgiven if listening to Mark McGuire’s Along the Way takes them back to about 1975, calling up music like Ash Ra Tempel’s Inventions for Electric Guitar, Popol Vuh’s Seli

2014-02-28: Julian Colbeck Interview
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, Steve Hackett, Charlie - when they needed a keyboardist who could tackle anything, they all chose Julian Colbeck. Colbeck is not only a world class keyboardist, he's also a writer and inventor.

2014-02-26: RIP: Renowned Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia dies at 66
Paco de Lucia, the influential Spanish guitarist who vastly expanded the international audience for flamenco and merged it with other musical styles, died suddenly on Wednesday of a heart attack in Mexico. The 66-year-old vir

2014-02-25: Pink Floyd Exhibition to open in Milan on September 19
THE Pink Floyd Exhibition occupies some 2500 square metres and contains over 300 objects especially flown in from all over the world, some of which are the personal property of the band. The exhibition is a celebration of nea

2014-02-25: Fake Fripp Twitter Account announces original line-up reunion show
April Fool seems to have come a little early this year. A twitter account bearing the name of Robert Fripp has announced KC69 are reforming for a one-off concert. Obviously there NO truth to this tweet and we are taking steps

2014-02-25: Trey Gunn interview on The Security Project
As we all know by now, Trey Gunn plays in 321 bands all featuring his distinct Warr Guitar playing. On the eve of a 2014 tour with the Security Project, I decided to focus on the band and the show. Join Progsheet for a few wo

On the 4th album since their reunion with lead vocalist John Wetton, Asia rolls out Gravitas with new guitarist Sam Coulson. Wetton returns with Geoff Downes on keyboards and Carl Palmer on drums for a new batch of prog rock

2014-02-24: Video premiere: Asia's 'Valkyrie' on USA Today
Prog-rock supergroup Asia returns with a new album next month, and USA TODAY is premiering the video for the lead track, Valkyrie. Asia bassist John Wetton drew his inspiration for the song from the Norse deities who accompan

2014-02-24: Devin Townsend's "Casualties of Cool" pledge campaing exceeds 200% of goal and climbing in first 12 hours
Hello folks! My name is Devin Townsend. I am a Canadian musician and I have had the great fortune of being allowed to make musical statements for the past 20 years that are based on a pure love of music. The musical landscape

2014-02-23: Classic Rock Society Awards
A slightly belated thanks to everyone that came to the CRS awards last night. Two great performances from Andy Tillison and Alchemy, Fish being a diamond geezer and no mistake, and another “eventful” awards – the “Hackett Inc

2014-02-22: RIP: Francesco Di Giacomo, the operatic voice of Banco
Era la grande voce del progressive italiano, il simbolo di un'epoca aurea del rock italiano. Francesco Di Giacomo, imponente cantante del Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, è morto oggi per le conseguenze di un grave incidente stradal

2014-02-21: Rocktopia in depth interview for Fireworks magazine with FISH on "A Feast of Consequences"
Six years, thirteen stars and five song suites are amongst the numerous things which have shaped the new album from one of the most endearing and enduring individuals Progressive Rock has ever provided us. Fish is a character

2014-02-21: RoSfest tickets now available
RoSfest is in its eleventh year, with this year's event being held in the aptly named Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The festival takes place on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2014. Regular seat tickets go on sale Februa

It has been some time coming but guitarist Per ‘Sodomizer’ Eriksson and Katatonia have now mutually agreed to part ways. Per joined the band in 2010 as a live session player and after some substantial touring quickly became a

2014-02-21: Hawkwind Abandon US Tour
Hawkwind have abandoned plans for their first tour of the US and Canada in decades, after a series of incidents which threatened the wellbeing of band and crew became too difficult to overcome. In September the band said they

2014-02-18: Devo guitarist Bob Casale dead of heart failure, according to band's Twitter account
Bob Casale, one of the original members of the new wave group Devo, died suddenly from heart failure, according to a post on the band’s official Twitter account. He was 61. In the post, Gerald Casale describes the former band

2014-02-18: NewEARS alum Guy LeBlanc not able to continue with Camel tour due to illness
Camel are so very disappointed to announce that, due to ill health, keyboardist Guy LeBlanc will not perform on the March 2014 tour. We already miss our friend's influence and his place within Camel will be waiting for his r

2014-02-17: The Who tell Tommy tale
The Who’s groundbreaking album Tommy is the subject of a DVD documentary which goes on sale next month via Eagle Rock. The Story Of Tommy is an extended version of a film broadcast by the BBC last year, and features new inter

2014-02-15: Deep Purple Buyers Guide in Classic Rock Magazine
Deep Purple’s classic album Burn – the first with the Mk III line-up of the band – was released this day, February 15, in 1974. But whereabouts does Burn fit into the Purple pantheon? Read our Buyers Guide below. (Note: We ha

2014-02-14: Trey Spruance of Secret Chiefs 3 on Slayer, Stravinsky, and the Possibility of Reuniting Mr. Bungle
As a driving force behind not one but two of the most challenging experimental rock bands to ever emerge from the Bay Area, guitarist Trey Spruance has been blurring and shredding the boundaries between musical genres for app

2014-02-11: The Life of Rock with Brian Pern, BBC Four
It’s a brave comic who steps into the spandex cucumber-stuffed loon pants of Spinal Tap. The – if you will – rockumentary will never be done better. But it is 30 years since Marty DiBergi went in search of the sights, the sou

2014-02-10: Pain Of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw not able to make Progressive Nation at Sea
As most of you may already know, Daniel recently underwent a series of surgeries after having contracted a very serious infection (Necrotising Fasciitis, aka "flesh-eating bacteria"). We all hoped for a quick comeback and tha

2014-02-10: Rush’s ‘Working Man’ Featured In New Wallmart Commercial
The newest commercial for Walmart focuses on a company effort to create manufacturing jobs in America. So, what better song to use as a soundtrack than one of Rush‘s earliest signature songs? ‘Working Man,’ a song Geddy Lee a

2014-02-10: RIP: Wayne Gardner of Magellan
Today, my brother Wayne Gardner, died from a self inflicted use of a firearm. Our family is devastated by his loss and in a state of shock. I prefer not to relay any further details until I know all the facts myself. I will a

2014-02-07: Happy 20th Birthday to Marillion's Brave.
We mixed it whilst watching "Apocalypse Now" on a loop. It was to become our "Apocalypse Now". Massively over-budget and behind schedule, dark, strange, beautiful, tricky to follow, tricky to make sense of. When we mixed it,

2014-02-05: ASIA announce new album "Gravitas"
ASIA, the legendary British band, moves into the next phase of its extraordinary career with Gravitas, a brave new album that explores different musical landscapes while embracing its familiar musical past. Produced and writt

2014-02-04: Terra Incognita Prog Festival announces final line-up

2014-02-04: Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder rock on 'Fox & Friends'
Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder rock on 'Fox & Friends' to announce their upcoming tour coming to Boston's Blue Hills Bank Pavilion on June 19th.

2014-02-03: Dream Theater release latest video for "The Looking Glass"
"The Looking Glass" Video Premiere. Click here to see the new Dream Theater video for "The Looking Glass" directed by Ramon Boutviseth!

2014-02-03: Erik Wøllo’s Timelines: Echoes February CD of the Month
It’s a cliché, I know, but as soon as an Erik Wøllo album starts, you know you are on a journey. It’s like the moments before take-off, only Wøllo’s ascent doesn’t throw you back in your seat with G-Force thrust. It’s a gen

2014-02-01: Dementia diagnosis for The Enid's Robert John Godfrey
A musician who has led a cult British band for 40 years says he has "lost any fear" about being diagnosed with dementia. Robert John Godfrey, of symphonic rock band The Enid, has been told he has the early stages of Alzheimer

2014-02-01: ProgArchives posts its Top Albums of 2013
Welcome to the 8th annual ProgArchives Collaborator’s Album of the Year contest! This year, the progressive rock community found itself faced with a simply phenomenal array of fantastic albums. 2013 saw giants from both the c

2014-01-30: ProgSphere Interview: MIKE PORTNOY: Prog Ambassador
2014 marks the 30th anniversary of a musician who is one of the most hardworking people in contemporary rock music. Mike Portnoy is the founding member of one of the world’s most beloved progressive bands to date, Dream Theat

2014-01-30: RIP: Mikey Mirro original drummer for Umprey's McGee
It is with heavy hearts that we have learned of our good friend & former drummer Mike Mirro’s passing. As many of you know, Mike’s love for music and unique sense of humor are still present today in the music that we create.

2014-01-29: Steven Wilson announces that Blackfield tour will be his last
A reminder that a short Blackfield tour of Europe starts a week from today, with concerts in 6 cities in 7 days. Unfortunately, due to increasing activities with my solo work and other new projects, these will also be my fina

2014-01-29: 25 years since Steve Hogarth replaced Fish in Marillion
Happy Anniversary Mr Hogarth! "When I realised it's been 25 years that Steve has been in the band I found it quite hard to believe. We've achieved so much and had such fun doing it. Congratulations Mr H and thanks for shari

2014-01-28: Brett Kull on the new upcoming echolyn album
Last Thursday my band echolyn got together as per our weekly writing sessions. We decided to tackle a new song (#8) after just completing a tricky rocker the previous Thursday. Ray had an idea that Paul and I had loosely work

2014-01-28: Bill Jenkins of Enchant to join Sound of Contact for upcoming live dates
Sound Of Contact are delighted to announce that Bill Jenkins will join Simon Collins, Matt Dorsey, Randy McStine and Ronen Gordon for their forthcoming Moody Blues Cruise, Cruise To The Edge and RoSFest appearances this Sprin

2014-01-27: Transatlantic launch ‘Black As The Sky’ video; new album ‘Kaleidoscope’ out now!
Progressive-rock super-group Transatlantic, featuring Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Roine Stolt and Pete Trewavas, have just released their brand new fourth studio album ‘Kaleidoscope’. To celebrate this they are now very pleased

2014-01-27: Trent Reznor lashes out at Grammys after his performance was cut short
Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has aimed a furious rant at the organizers of the Grammy Awards after his closing performance at the show was cut short. The rocker took to the stage at the end of the prizegiving to jam

2014-01-26: Glass Hammer Unveil Ode To Echo
Glass Hammer are preparing to release their 14th studio album Ode To Echo – and leading light Steve Babb has told Prog the material focuses on “some very dark ideas.” View a teaser trailer below. Jon Davison, who also fronts

2014-01-25: Unitopia Calls It Quits
Hello and Happy New Year to all our Unitopian fans!! We hope you had a happy and safe holiday period and enjoyed lots of time spent with family and friends. Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening with Unitopia over th

2014-01-22: Peter Hammill And Gary Lucas To Launch Other World
Van der Graaf Generator frontman Peter Hammill and former Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band guitarist Gary Lucas are gearing up for the launch of a collaborative album entitled Other World, which they describe as “warped folk mu

2014-01-21: Marillion's Steve Rothery's Kickstarter becomes 3rd most successful campaign to date
Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery’s recent Kickstarter campaign for his forthcoming solo album Ghosts Of Pripyat continues to go from strength to strength with just over 24 hours of the campaign left. It is currently the most

2014-01-20: Author Robert Low pens one for the upcoming Glass Hammer album
I've written eight books, been a journalist and involved in a few off-piste incidents designed to further some career goals. I have been very lucky – no serious injuries and almost all ambitions achieved. Almost. But the one

2014-01-18: RIP: Former Toto Singer Dennis ‘Fergie’ Frederiksen Dies
Former Toto, Trillion and Le Roux singer Dennis ‘Fergie’ Frederiksen died today after a nearly four-year-long battle with cancer. Frederiksen sang on Toto’s 1984 ‘Isolation’ album, which featured the hit single ‘Stranger in T

2014-01-17: Yes Recording With Jon Davison
Yes have confirmed theyfre at work on their first album with vocalist Jon Davison. The band posted a series of photos on Facebook of a studio session in Los Angeles, where theyfre recording under producer Roy Thomas Baker.

2014-01-16: Daniel Gildenlow replaced by Ted Leonard on Transatlantic tour
Transatlantic touring member Daniel Gildenlow will miss a number of shows on the band’s upcoming world tour. Drummer Mike Portnoy has confirmed that Ted Leonard of Spock’s Beard will stand in until the Pain Of Salvation mainm

2014-01-15: Queensryche name fight could be settled
The dispute over ownership of the Queensryche name could be over, former vocalist Geoff Tate has suggested. Two versions of the band have been in existence since mid-2012 after an interim court decision gave Tate the right to

2014-01-15: Boston Globe - Birds making music?: Peabody Essex Museum hosts musical flight of fancy
SALEM — The French artist-musician is quiet, ducking out for another Lucky Strike before returning to tinker with his arsenal of electric guitars. But his bandmates won’t shut up. They’re birds — 70 chirping, swooping zebra f

2014-01-14: Sound Of Contact: Brand New Video for ŒPale Blue Dot¹ Premieres on USAtoday.com!
Sound Of Contact and sci-fi fans worldwide can check out the exclusive worldwide premiere of the new video for "Pale Blue Dot" on USAToday.com. The stunning, cosmic-inspired video is taken from the band's debut album, 'Dimens

2014-01-10: Gary Husband & Alex Machacek: "Now" review on AAJ
Over the course of the past decade or so, Abstract Logix has gone from being a web-based shop front for all things fusion—and that's fusion in the true sense of the word, by the way; not just the high octane, often pyrotechni

2014-01-09: FISH asking for fan footage for his upcoming video for "Blind to the Beautiful"
I’ve decided after discussion with my promotions people to hold back the release of “Blind to the Beautiful” as a single until April with the primary set up occurring in March. This ties in better with the UK tour, gives me a

2014-01-08: Rick Wakeman: 'Punk was a revolution ... things had to change'
With his cape and his keyboards, Rick Wakeman is probably the most prog man to have ever noodled. Yet this self-proclaimed 'Sergio Agüero of the keyboard' says he gets why punk had to happen.

2014-01-06: Dream Theater Planting Seeds for Album No. 13
Dream Theater is getting ready to hit the road to support its self-titled 12th studio album, but the group's John Petrucci says lucky No. 13 is already in the prog-metal quintet's ambitious crosshairs. "Some initial conversat

2014-01-06: Boston Globe Album Review Pick of the Week: Peter Gabriel & Various Artists, “And I’ll Scratch Yours”
Many veteran artists record cover albums, but credit Peter Gabriel with cooking up a clever concept. In 2010 he released “Scratch My Back,” which found the former Genesis frontman reinterpreting songs both familiar and obscur

2014-01-05: Steve Howe on BBC Radio's Stuart Marconie's Freak Zone
Stuart looks forward to the big events in 2014 including Yes' epic three-album tour this spring. Guitarist Steve Howe talks about why they chose to play The Yes Album, Close To The Edge and Going For The One in full every nig