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What is NewEARS? A not-for-profit organization of progressive music lovers. The primary goal of NewEARS is to create a community of music enthusiasts dedicated to sharing and promoting progressive rock in the New England area.

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NewEARS Album Of The Month

eMolecule - The Architect
"The result is a stirring, heavy prog rock outing that showcases Collins' commanding vocals, thunderclap drumming and atmospheric keyboard style, along with Nordstrom's dazzling fretwork on bass and guitars. The 11 tracks here are a rocky 70-minute trek through contemporary prog that features grinding heavy metal, symphonic rock, spacey atmospherics, folky interludes and propulsive techno - sometimes all in the same track." NT-TPR

"Emolecule is a progressive rock band, yes, but it is much heavier and guitar-driven. In other words, Dave's illustrious keys are not here to slice through the distortion. Yet, The Architect is a powerful and fierce sound in its own right. While it has plenty of atmosphere, it is darker and possibly angrier than anything I've heard from Simon or Kelly."

"The Architect is a unique album in various ways. It never feels like it resting on its laurels, but is always pushing forward, even if that means hysteria, anxiety, and paranoia. It can also mean hope, wisdom, and light, though. I like how the album is constructed with "The Turn" at its heart; I think that is a brilliant move and the band mostly stays within those mental guidelines in each half. Time will tell if this album can reach the heights of past works by these two artists, but I can tell you that I'm really enjoying the light and dark sides of eMolecule, and there is no denying how hard this album rocks." TPM

Essential Track: "The strongest song in this collection, "Awaken" is also the prettiest melodically. It's a romantic ballad that finds Collins sounding most like his famous father. Unlike the heavier material on the album, "Awaken" is a slice of melodic prog that echoes latter-period Genesis. It combines creative drumming, interlaced synth/guitar runs and lyrics that even echo the signature line from "The Carpet Crawlers" - "Just go within when you're without." (More like this one, please, gents.)" NT-TPR

Read the full reviews on The Prog Report and The Prog Mind.

Listen and watch the videos on the band's YouTube Channel .

Buy the Album from from Burning Shed or wherever great Prog music is sold.
NewEARS Art Rock Series

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Featured Show:
Saturday March 25th @ 8:00 PM
The Drake - Amherst, MA

Minstrels In The Gallery, a 5-piece band based in Massachusetts, USA, presents concerts that evoke the peak years of British rock giants Jethro Tull, featuring multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and actor Chris Devine in the role of Ian Anderson.

Performing on flute, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, violin, alto sax, keyboards, and vocals, Devine is a veteran of both the rock and classical stage in the US and overseas, including a long stint as featured soloist with metal guitar icon Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple. Together with the Minstrels, he presents a concert featuring all the hit songs from the glory days of the band, 1969-1977, when Tull packed arenas around the world with their inimitable mix of progressive rock and British folk flavored with classical influences and a bit of American blues, and with a brilliant and iconic frontman in Ian Anderson, whose often grandiose presentation was always flavored with self-deprecating humor.

In costume, in character, in codpiece(!), Minstrels In The Gallery play dead-on renditions of all the familiar Tull songs of that period, yet maintain a spontaneous, relaxed, and humorous presence onstage that truly engages the audience.

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