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NewEARS Album Of The Month

Resistor - The 5th Season

"RESISTOR is an American progressive rock band. Electric music, acoustic, singular voice that gives cachet, from the land that composes songs to make you dance to inventive prog. This is their 6th album fusing modern structures on a classic progressive, crossover background; the instrumentation is recorded as a whole and gives a live feel. RESISTOR to stay true to this sound of three engineers doing the beef at lunchtime during meals, the other guests being able to hear here and there KANSAS, JETHRO TULL with a good dose of heavy American prog-folk bringing them here. RESISTOR, under the guidance of mentor Steve Unruh, is releasing an album of earthy bluegrass music, one of those albums to be listened to with boots at times, with slippers at others as it sends us beyond into the ethereal clouds; RESISTOR does not invent anything but amplifies the level of sparkling notes to a bucolic, diabolical firmament." aPP-PA

"There’s an air of refinement to The 5th Season, the new album from American quartet Resistor. If previous albums displayed the band traversing well-worn paths of epics, zaniness, and plain ol’ heavy rock riffage, this latest platter sees them gathering the best of these elements and deftly shaping them into seven sophisticated new compositions that propel them to the next tier. Ultimately, The 5th Season exhibits a newfound versatility in that it can act as an entry-level introduction to the band while also satisfying their longtime fans. How one views the course of their development depends on the individual listener; I tend to think of each album they’ve done as being just a little bit better than the last, and really, what more can you ask of musicians than steady progression and improvement? Resistor seem fully fledged now, and have delivered their most balanced batch of tunes to date. A more criminally underappreciated rock quartet I’m hard pressed to think of. If you’ve never given them a chance, now is the time." LM-VT

Essential Track: Winter."Resistor cast an enchantment on me with the very first chords of ‘Winter’. The song has a palpable sense of suspenseful adventure that strongly reminds me of classic, tale-telling Rush. In fact, guitar tones & song structures throughout the album often remind me of early-Rush. The songs on this album are powerful expressions of mood, very creative, & of admirable diversity. This is a fantastic, exciting prog rock album—a new classic! Cheers! Resistor, & THX!" A-BC

Read the full reviews on Prog Archives and Velvet Thunder.

Listen and watch the videos on YouTube and buy the music from Band Camp or directly from Resistor .

NewEARS Art Rock Series

There are currently no entries in the events database. Please check back later.

Click on the following link for a complete list of bands that have played for the NewEARS Art Rock Series

New England Events

  • 2021-06-25
    Consider The Source at Arch Street Tavern - Hartford, CT at 08:00 PM

  • 2021-06-26
    Consider The Source at Soundcheck Studios - Pembroke, MA at 08:00 PM

  • 2021-08-24
    King Crimson - Music Is Our Friend USA Tour at Pines Theater - Northampton, MA at 07:00 PM
    With Special Guests The Zappa Band
    $59.50 - $365 (Royal Package)

  • 2021-09-05
    King Crimson - Music Is Our Friend USA Tour at Westville Music Bowl - New Haven, CT at 07:00 PM
    With Special Guests The Zappa Band
    $35 - $365 (Royal Package)

  • 2021-09-10
    The Machine performs Pink Floyd at The Cabot Theatre - Beverly, MA at 07:00 PM

  • 2021-09-10
    King Crimson - Music Is Our Friend USA Tour at Leader Bank Pavilion - Boston, MA at 07:30 PM
    With Special Guests The Zappa Band
    $29.50 - $365 (Royal Package)

  • 2021-09-11
    THE MACHINE performs Pink Floyd at The Flying Monkey - Plymouth, NH at 07:30 PM

  • 2021-10-04
    Todd Rundgren – The Individualist, A True Star at Ridgefield Playhouse - Ridgefield, CT at 08:00 PM

  • 2021-10-05
    Todd Rundgren – The Individualist, A True Star at Ridgefield Playhouse - Ridgefield, CT at 08:00 PM

  • 2021-10-07
    Nightwish - North America Tour 2021 at Tsongas Center - Lowell, MA at 07:00 PM
    $68.75 - $316

  • 2021-10-16
    THE MACHINE performs Pink Floyd at Ridgefield Playhouse - Ridgefield, CT at 08:00 PM

  • 2021-10-22
    The Machine performs Pink Floyd: Unplugged at TCAN (The Center for Arts Natick) - Natick, MA at 08:00 PM
    $35 - $40

  • 2021-10-23
    The Machine performs Pink Floyd: Unplugged at TCAN (The Center for Arts Natick) - Natick, MA at 08:00 PM
    $35 - $40

  • 2021-10-29
    Mary Fahl (of October Project) at TCAN (The Center for Arts Natick) - Natick, MA at 08:00 PM
    $30 - $35

  • 2021-11-28
    The Wizards of Winter at Tupelo Music Hall - Derry, NH at 07:00 PM
    $40 - $55

  • 2021-11-30
    The Musical Box : A Genesis Extravaganza Vol. II at The Wilbur Theatre - Boston, MA at 08:00 PM
    $35 - $50

  • Featured Show

    That's 6 AM US EST !!!
    Sunday June 20th

    PM: Australian prog rockers Caligula's Horse have announced a new streaming event, Live After Lockdown, for June 20. You can watch a video trailer for the event above.

    The Brisbane contemporary progressive metal outfit will be performing material from their latest album, 2020’s highly acclaimed Rise Radiant for the very first time, along with a host of fan favourites in front of a live audience at The Triffid (itself an old WWII US aircraft hangar), in the heart of their home town of Brisbane, Australia.

    “This is a very emotional moment for us - Live After Lockdown will be the first time we've taken to the stage in nearly two years, a return to the purpose that has driven us forward for the last 10 years, and we're already overwhelmed with relief and anticipation at the thought," says singer Jim Grey. "The show will be livestreamed worldwide, reaching people all around the globe, a lot of whom are still in the midst of lockdown and in the thick of the fight against COVID. We'll be performing a number of tunes from Rise Radiant that have never seen the light of day before, and we'll be showing the world a little taste of what it's like to play in our hometown of Brisbane. We can't wait to see you all again to celebrate the return of live music to Australia, and the return of Caligula's Horse!"

    Prog in the News

    2021-06-18: Camel On Track: every album, every song
    HK: Calling all Camel and Marillion fans. Part of Stephen Lambe’s wonderful ‘On Track’ series, my Camel: On Track volume is officially released today and can be bought on either Amazon or Burning Shed. The amazing Mr Steve R

    2021-06-18: The Mastelotto's Romantic Guide to King Crimson in Echoes Podcast: The Echoes Interview
    The Mastelottos, is the couple of King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto and his wife, singer Deborah. They have an album with what might seem an oxymoronic title, A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson. King Crimson? Romantic? But

    2021-06-18: Why Steve Hackett Expected Genesis to Fire Him After First Show
    Guitarist Steve Hackett says his first performance with Genesis was a “disaster,” partly because Phil Collins was inebriated. He expected to be fired immediately afterward. The show took place in January 1971 after Hackett pl

    2021-06-18: Why Alex Lifeson Got Kicked Out of a Music Store Every Week
    Alex Lifeson used to haunt his local music store, coveting a Gibson guitar that he couldn’t afford. Long before he found fame with Rush, he dreamed of owning an instrument built by the renowned manufacturer – and since finall

    2021-06-18: NMB (Neal Morse Band) release video for Do It All Again
    The Neal Morse Band, who have re-branded as NMB, have released a brand new video for Do It All Again, which you can watch below. It's taken from NMB's latest album, Innocence & Danger, which will be released through InsideOut

    2021-06-18: Mastodon announce special live stream from an aquarium!
    Mastodon have announced a unique one-off live stream that will take place at the Georgia Aquarium for July 15. You can watch a trailer for the event below. In conjunction with the pioneering HD live streaming platform Dreamst

    2021-06-18: The Best Of SAGA is out now!
    Celebrating 44 years of #SAGA! Our fully remastered High Quality re-issue series is available beginning tomorrow, June 18th, 2021 from our friends at earMUSIC Starting with the 1st three - SAGA, Images At Twilight & Silent K

    2021-06-17: Nathan East- (Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Fourplay, Daft Punk) on SOAL Night Live
    For Episode #97 we caught up with "the world's busiest bass player", Nathan East. We discussed the upcoming Clapton summer tour, along with iconic songs like "Tears In Heaven" and "Change The World". We also chat about his

    2021-06-17: Queensryche announce remastered reissues of Operation: Mindcrime and Empire
    US prog metal legends Queensryche have announced that they will reissue arguably their finest two albums, 1988's Operation: Mindcrime and 1990's follow-up Empire, remastered on varying formats through Capitol/UMe on June 25.

    2021-06-17: Peter Gabriel fires warning shots over Womad
    Peter Gabriel has warned that his world music festival Womad may have to cancel this year, again citing government inaction over festival insurance as the cause. Speaking to the BBC, Gabriel said: "Commercial insurance has ru

    2021-06-17: TesseracT release trailer for upcoming Blu-ray and live album Portals
    TesseracT have announced that they will release last year's high budget, cinematic live stream Portals as a live album and Blu-ray through Kscope Records on August 27. You can watch a trailer for Portals below. “It is only wi

    ANYWHEREDOOR "Observables" featuring Mattias IA Eklundh, Per Nilsson, Ron Bumblefoot Thal, Guthrie Govan, Jack Gardiner, Mika Tyyska, Jen Majura, Max Ostro, Kris Xen, Jake Willson. Order via

    2021-06-16: WBMF Aquatarkus - Brain Salad featuring Rachel Flowers (ELP Cover)
    Fifty years ago today, Tarkus erupted upon an unsuspecting world. The Emerson, Lake & Palmer epic stands just as relevant today as on the day of its release, with its musical and contextual themes depicting the futility of co

    2021-06-16: Be-Bop Deluxe “Live! In The Air Age” Deluxe 16 Disc Limited Edition Boxed Set Available For Pre-order
    Esoteric Recordings is proud to announce a new re-mastered super-deluxe expanded boxed set limited edition release (comprising 15 CDs and a DVD) of “Live! In The Air Age” by Be-Bop Deluxe. This legendary live album was releas

    2021-06-16: Rush’s Alex Lifeson Unveils Two New Solo Songs
    Rush’s Alex Lifeson has unveiled two new instrumental solo tracks titled “Kabul Blues” and “Spy House.” Both songs feature textural keyboards and other atmospheric sonic flourishes. Lifeson flexes his soulful lead playing, es