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We have a Yahoo mailing list / community.

The NewEARS community maintains an Internet mailing list at YahooGroups, called newears-list. The list is used to discuss progressive rock-related subjects, including announcements about concerts and CD releases, information and opinions about new bands, as well as NewEARS business and events.

To subscribe to the NewEARS mailing list, enter your email address in the box below and press the "Join Now!" button.  After successfully subscribing you will be sent an introductory email explaining how to post and how to unsubscribe (should you ever choose to leave).

Your subscription will be configured by default to receive individual emails (i.e. each email sent to the list will be immediately sent to your InBox, allowing conversations with other members in near-real time).  As an alternative, you can configure your subscription for "digest mode".  In this mode, you will be sent only one email per day with all of the days messages in it.  You can still respond to messages and converse with other members, but with a delay.  This option works well for folks who can't afford to be interrupted by many individual emails everyday.

So, go ahead and join us!  Remember that while NewEARS is about music, it is also very much about people.  The true spirit of NewEARS is in its members; and its members inhabit the mailing list.

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